Wireless MotionSkins & Vest Systems

In addition to the MotionSkin, our StudioEdition also offers an intelligent vest system. It is wireless, innovative and easy to use. Textile conductors and extremely lightweight material allow an identical, fully dynamic exercise process to the MotionSkin. The damp electrodes and functional underwear allow a vest system to be used by any number of customers, immediately after each other.

A variety of vest, arm, leg and bottom sizes mean garments fit every shape.

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Wireless and free

EasyMotionSkin allows for maximum freedom of movement during EMS training. Thanks to Bluetooth® technology and innovative high-tech components, restrictive factors are a thing of the past. This also rings true for the Vest system. The EMS system with Powerbox and Studio App guarantees full flexibility and mobility.

High-tech textiles

The Vest system’s technology and product design will delight all those who use it. Its light high-tech materials feel like a second skin and allow for dynamic training sequences with optimum comfort.

All materials are long-lasting, elastic, sturdy, easy to clean and therefore ideal for high-frequency business use.

Modular system

The Vest system’s modular product design wins users over, offering intuitive, time-saving handling. The system includes a variety of vest, arm, leg and bottom sizes, meaning garments fit every shape.

Hygienic studio solutions

One of the Vest system’s main advantages is its multiple usage with all hygienic standards. The Vest system’s anti-bacterial high-tech fibers make multiple uses possible; washing or disinfecting before use is not necessary. Each user gets fresh functional clothing, which serves as a hygienic barrier between the electrodes and the user’s skin. Continuous cleansing processes do not delay commercial processes.
The EasyMotionSkin Vest system’s wires are washable and need not be removed.

Multi-user, mixed
and parallel use

In multi-user or group training mode, one tablet directs up to 4 users, with Vest systems and MotionSkins being used simultaneously. Activating the training impulse is synchronized between all systems.

EasyMotionSkin StudioEdition

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EasyMotionSkin Studio—the system for professionals, studios and trainers. We offer a combination of innovation, experience and the latest technology.


The system comprises a number of features and services for commercial and professional use. Managing the EasyMotionSkin Studio system is intuitive and intelligent additional features make the system your motor for dynamic, customer-oriented EMS training.


The new option to hold training sessions for small groups is especially popular and easy to implement: one trainer, one tablet and up to four clients.