Pure joy. Pure energy.

The MotionSkin.

The ultralight MotionSkin combines advanced technology and modern materials in a minimalistic product design. We added technologically innovative and tried-and-tested components to create the next generation of EMS tracksuits.

The MotionSkin integrates all the electrodes and sensors into the fabric, while at the same time remaining flexible, robust, hygienic and easy to care for. Patented dry electrodes in the MotionSkin make it conductive to skin moisture so you can complete your EMS training without an additional moistening or functional base layer.

The heart of the system, the PowerBox, is connected to the MotionSkin in a simple way and then connected to the App via Bluetooth. This allows for easy-to-manage wireless EMS training with maximum efficiency.

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Entering the world of EMS training has never been so attractive!

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All necessary electrodes and sensors are integrated in the MotionSkin. By means of dry electrodes that fit close to the skin and the high elasticity of the antibacterial high-tech fibres, a high-quality EMS training suit has been developed that is second to none.

High-tech. Lightweight and convenient.

All the electrodes and sensors you need are built into the MotionSkin. Using skin-tight fitting dry electrodes and high-elasticity antibacterial high-tech fibres, we have developed a high-quality EMS tracksuit which is unparalleled.

EasyMotionSkin is so comfortable it has no comparison, while conveying a positive body image. Despite its complex, advanced technologies, the product radiates lightness and energy, and feels like a second skin.

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World’s Smallest Gym


Experience fully dynamic EMS training — anytime, anywhere. Easy EMS training can only take place by using the numerous innovations the EasyMotionSkin system has to offer. Put on MotionSkin — turn on the PowerBox & App — train like the professionals


The PowerBox forms the heart of the system, and the powerhouse of the EasyMotionSkin. Connected to the iOS & Android via Bluetooth, it controls the strength of the pulse, the processes for the programmes and the control measurements, and facilitates wireless operation.


The intuitive user interface on the iOS & Android App makes controlling your EMS training with the EasyMotionSkin easy. From the moment you login to when you end your training, the App focuses on the essentials and is easy to adjust. As you are using it, the App offers you explanations and tips to help you in your training.