Group training

Thanks to the new multi-user setting, one tablet can now control four PowerBoxes. This innovation opens up a world of completely new, easy-to-implement options. EMS group training for Pilates, Zumba, aerobics, boxing and yoga!

EasyMotionSkin allows EMS training to be effortlessly integrated into the everyday life of your gym or studio, offering new, cost-efficient business models for operators as well as attractive options for trainers. The benefits: customer proximity, direct communication and a fresh fun factor during group training.

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Entering the world of EMS training has never been so attractive!

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EMS training for small groups

One trainer, one tablet and up to four clients

The new option to hold training sessions for small groups is especially popular and easy to implement: one trainer, one tablet (to manage the training) and up to four clients in EasyMotionSkin.

The trainer directs the group in joint exercises as well as individually, and can thus respond in a tailored manner to different performance levels and needs. One tool to manage everything with maximum output—as well as a fun training experience that brings people together.

EasyMotionSkin StudioEdition

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EasyMotionSkin Studio—the system for professionals, studios and trainers. We offer a combination of innovation, experience and the latest technology.

MotionSkin & Vest System

In addition to the individual MotionSkins, the StudioEdition also offers a wireless vest system. Textile conductors and lightweight material allow an identical, fully dynamic exercise process to the MotionSkin.


The system comprises a number of features and services for commercial and professional use. Managing the EasyMotionSkin Studio system is intuitive and intelligent additional features make the system your motor for dynamic, customer-oriented EMS training.