Intelligent and simple. The App.

The intuitive user interface on the iOS & Android App makes controlling your EMS training with the EasyMotionSkin easy. From the moment you login to when you end your training, the App focuses on the essentials and is easy to adjust.

Over thirty different training programmes are available. The various training categories range from “Power”, “Metabolism/Cellulite”, “Advanced”, “Fat burning” and “Endurance” to “Relax”. Individual frequencies and time sequences are assigned to each category. This provides a wide range of well-sorted training programmes.

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Entering the world of EMS training has never been so attractive!

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The touchscreen is used to finely adjust the individual electrode groups. You can select all eight zones together, individually or in combination.

The exchange between the pause and stimulation phase is always directly in view. Thanks to the intelligently processed and easy to understand App, EMS training becomes an exceptional experience.

Upgrades will allow you to benefit from the continuous enhancement of the App in future.

App features

Intuitive touchscreen interface to control your EMS training
Convenient upgrade function so you are always up-to-date
Quick user login thanks to integrated QR-code recognition
Numerous integrated explanations, tips and help
Operation of the system via iOS & Android
Over 30 pre-installed highly efficient training programmes
All training programmes are medically evaluated
User profile can be saved and training statistics generated
Memory function lets you create your own training programmes

EasyMotionSkin HomeEdition 

World’s Smallest Gym


Experience fully dynamic EMS training — anytime, anywhere. Easy EMS training can only take place by using the numerous innovations the EasyMotionSkin system has to offer. Put on MotionSkin — turn on the PowerBox & App — train like the professionals


The ultralight MotionSkin now makes a new, free way of EMS training possible. It combines advanced technology and modern materials in a minimalistic product design we are proud of.


The PowerBox forms the heart of the system, and the powerhouse of the EasyMotionSkin. Connected to the iOS & Android via Bluetooth, it controls the strength of the pulse, the processes for the programmes and the control measurements, and facilitates wireless operation.