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EasyMotionSkin StudioEdition—the system for professionals, studios and trainers. We offer a combination of innovation, experience and the latest technology.

The world’s most advanced training system

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Entering the world of EMS training has never been so attractive!

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The EMS Studio system

The innovative EasyMotionSkin StudioEdition technology provides thousands of new possibilities for each individual training concept. We offer individual MotionSkins as well as a wireless vest system.
The integration of EasyMotionSkin into fitness environments, training areas, group training sessions or spa and beauty zones is very much in vogue, and offers an attractive additional business opportunity that can be easily included in your service range and/or everyday life. A win-win for gym operators, personal trainers and sports fans alike.

Professional integration

EMS gyms

Innovative EasyMotionSkin technology provides thousands of new options for each EMS gym concept. We offer you and your customers wireless EasyMotionSkins and vest sets for a range of needs depending on location and training frequency.

Personal trainers

EasyMotionSkin is a future-oriented, practical tool for personal trainers, due to the almost endless usage options—whether for beginners or world champions. EasyMotionSkin offers you the flexibility and freedom of being able to train anytime, anywhere.

The studio system is adapted to your requirements by professionals for professionals

Innovative solutions
Building on all innovations and benefits of the StudioEdition more possibilities are available than ever before.
Wireless Vest System
The innovative and wireless vest system is an alternative to the MotionSkin, providing more possibilities for different body sizes or intensive studio use.
The StudioApp not only has a clean design; it also has 30% more power. Its features are specially enhanced for professional, customer-oriented users. Create individual programmes, store and analyse data and much more.
Cloud services
Our services are cloud-based and customers as well as trainers can always access training records and customer administration—anytime, anywhere.

EasyMotionSkin Studio Edition

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MotionSkin & Vest System

In addition to the individual MotionSkins, the StudioEdition also offers a wireless vest system. Textile conductors and lightweight material allow an identical, fully dynamic exercise process to the MotionSkin.


The system comprises a number of features and services for commercial and professional use. Managing the EasyMotionSkin Studio system is intuitive and intelligent additional features make the system your motor for dynamic, customer-oriented EMS training.

Group training

The new option to hold training sessions for small groups is especially popular and easy to implement: one trainer, one tablet and up to four clients.